ROBONOVA® is a piloting system that models an on-site (on the reclamation site) ex-situ (treatment on a matrix removed from its natural site) bioremediation technology, which exploits oxidative-aerobic processes operated by microorganisms in the matrix to be treated (soil, sediment), using the organic contaminant as a source of carbon and energy.

These processes result in the removal of organic contaminants by mineralization and partial oxidation, favoring the humification of the matrix and restoring an ecologically active techno-soil.

The ROBONOVA® system is equipped with:

  • Bioreactor for the growth of microbial cultures.
  • Completely automated pile turning machine, used for tilling, irrigation, conditioning and biostimulation of the soil matrix (2 m3).
  • 50 L water tank and storage compartments for soil amendments
  • Instrumentation for the inoculation of microbial cultures selected for the biodegradation activity.
  • Emissions monitoring and treatment system (GAC filter).
  • Leachate collection, monitoring and treatment unit.

ROBONOVA® provides key services for the engineering of bioremediation processes:

  • Continuous monitoring of both the metabolic activity of microorganisms and the processes of remediation, validating the results of the protocols and processes developed on a laboratory scale, towards large-scale bioremediation works.
  • Continuous monitoring of energy and water consumption, leachate, and liquid waste.
  • Continuous, detailed, and reliable monitoring of gas (CO2, O2, CH4, VOC) and micro dust emissions deriving from bioremediation activities, compared to the weekly / monthly survey activities in the test and field areas.

ROBONOVA® 2.0, implemented in a 40″ industrial container, can also be requested with further equipment for testing of soil parameters and for biomass production and monitoring. The additional items of the Soil Testing Facility (STF) can include a compact microbiology lab for the preparation and testing of the microbial inoculant, multiparameter probes for soil and workspace for amendments and surfactants formulation.

Being fully automated and deliverable on site, ready to go, it represents a bridge between laboratory scale and full scale for bioremediation projects.

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