DND Biotech with ROBONOVA 2.0 has joined the French project CRISALID. The presence of Cosimo Masini, CEO of DND Biotech, in Grenoble has officialized the participation of the Italian company as new partner of CRISALID.
Together with its mobile laboratory ROBONOVA 2.0 and its indispensable technical features, DND Biotech has already started the work that it will perform in partnership with the French Center for soil bioremediation.
Crisalid, based in Grenoble, is the first research center for sustainable development. It is a public-private company, situated on a 4-hectar site that was previously an industrial landfill where there was a production unit for industrial paints and coatings, thus strongly contaminated by PCB. The Crisalid center, which has the mission of embracing and developing solutions for all the environmental, urban, economic, and social challenges linked to the deterioration of the natural environment, welcomes ROBONOVA 2.0 as its Italian partner for the study of damaged soils. This is another important proof of the commitment abroad of the mobile station created by DND Biotech.

In France there are about 2.500 industrial landfills, which are most of the times completely neglected areas. The French government, through modifications to its laws, has decided to invest in the reclamation of these sites because very often they are located inside or near urban areas.
The requalification of a damaged soil is subjected to a number of procedures, from the analysis of the contaminants to the design of a redevelopment project, up to the complete remediation of the areas involved.

ROBONOVA 2.0, the mobile laboratory placed in a container and ready to be upscaled, constructed by DND Biotech, takes part to this project, that starts in Grenoble but is of interest for the whole France.
The technical soil-omic station RoboNova 2.0 meets the needs of the CRISALID project with regard to the study of degraded soil, the environmental remediation with bio-based methods and the necessity of being present and operational anywhere, even in critical areas of the Country; its versatility allows to intervene in all sorts of scenarios and to optimize the quality and speed of remediation projects or reclamation of damaged areas to guarantee a sustainable bioremediation approach.

ROBONOVA 2.0 combines diagnostic and operational tools in one functional station and is able to solve simultaneously different issues to act in response to the many remediation demands of areas compromised by pollutants. This ability is one of the reasons that made Crisalid decide to pick the Italian station as its partner for this meaningful and important environmental project that involves the entire France.

With the development of RoboNova 2.0, DND Biotech is in line with the indications of the UNEP and with some of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and it represents a tangible biotechnological response to the pressing matter of the preservation of our planet.