DND Biotech has been chosen as a partner in the MIBIREM project, within Horizon Europe, the European Union’s framework program for research and innovation for the period 2021-2027. This is a multidisciplinary project involving experts in molecular biology, microbiology, environmental engineering, analytical chemistry and project management. In addition to DND Biotech, the consortium team includes various European research institutes, universities and SMEs.

The final goal is the exploitation of microbiomes to implement a sustainable and cost-effective approach for widespread diffused contamination, particularly petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticide HCH and cyanides. To do so, a toolbox will be developed to identify, analyze, cultivate and upscale the microbiomes for bioremediation applications, while ensuring safety and policy alignment. The target contaminants of the project are cyanides, petroleum hydrocarbons and the pesticide lindane with its isomers.

DND Biotech aims to be a provider of know-how in the field of bioremediation and will be responsible for the optimization and pilot implementation of the use of selected microorganisms for the removal of various contaminants (cyanides, lindane/HCH and petroleum hydrocarbons) from polluted soils. Additionally, site sampling and microbiology laboratory tests will be carried out by DND Biotech.

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