DnD Biotech offers consulting services for the characterization of contaminated sites with high resolution techniques (High Resolution Site Characterization – HRSC). The term HRSC defines the use of a broad portfolio of technologies to define in detail the characteristics of a contaminated site, in terms of heterogeneity in the subsoil that determine the distribution, transport and fate of the contaminants considered.

Through the HRSC service, we provide our customers with the degree of detail necessary to understand:

  • The appropriate sampling number and density
  • The pathways of exposure to the contaminant
  • The processes that influence the fate of contaminants
  • The distribution of the contaminant mass and flow by phase and by media
  • The range of most appropriate remediation technologies, in relation to the characteristics of the soil and the contaminant
  • The monitoring plan to be implemented before, during and after the remediation works

Using GIS (Geographic Information System) software, we can provide 2d and 3d models of the contaminated site, estimate the distribution of contaminants throughout the site starting from sampling points and graphically communicate the presence of any hotspots or areas that need further sampling.

The characterization of the contaminated site is not limited to the soil matrix, but also extends to possibly present aquatic areas. Thanks to the use of environmental floating drones, we are able to perform and record instant measurements (Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, T, pH, REDOX Potential, TDS, Resistivity, Salinity, specific gravity of the salt water, etc. …), collect samples to be analyzed in the laboratory and measure each investigated point with depth sounder, georeferencing the data with GPS.

We are working to improve the implementation of HRSC tools to build conceptual site (CSM) models of contaminated sites in Italy and the rest of the EU. Collaborating with large companies in the environmental engineering sector, we are involved in the European project “Resolving the HCH and Lindane issues in the EU”, to provide a comprehensive roadmap for the sustainable management of six HCH contaminated sites selected in the EU.

We have already completed an investigation on the “Valle del Sacco” HCH-contaminated area and integrated multiple sampling campaigns performed in the past into a GIS-based database, to provide an updated characterization of the site and guide future sampling and remediation activities.

See our article on HCH and Lindano in the “Valle del Sacco” contaminated area on here

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