Engineering and Pilots

The optimization study of the biodegradation and the realization of engineering solutions to bring bioremediation technologies from the laboratory to the contaminated site are an integral part of DND Biotech’s offered services.

This is done through site-specific design on three levels:

• Preliminary study of the technical and economic feasibility of the intervention, through the characterization of the contaminated site on three dimensions (physical, chemical and metagenomic) and the implementation of pilot scale tests.

• Final design of the bioremediation intervention, drawn up on the basis of the data collected in the laboratory phase and preliminary pilot tests.

• Executive project for the large-scale engineering of the interventions designed in the previous phases.

We carry out pilot projects for the field application of biodegradation, biostimulation (addition of nutrients) and bioaugmentation (addition of autochthonous or allochthonous bacterial or fungal species with known degradative capacities for the compounds of interest) techniques.

The aim of the optimization studies and the pilot plants is to minimize uncertainties in bioremediation processes and facilitate the transition to large-scale work.

We offer our customers pilot solutions that can test the functioning of their chosen bioremediation technologies before proceeding on a large scale.

In this way, we are able to estimate the degradation kinetics, to know the decisive parameters for the success of the intervention and to identify the most appropriate treatment and control protocols.

Last but not least, the pilot plants provide precise indications regarding gas, dust and leachate emissions during the treatment, in order to quantify in advance the environmental impact of subsequent large-scale works.

The data collected from our tests are crucial for the executive design of the bioremediation intervention, which is engineered by replicating on a large scale the optimal treatment protocol tested in the pilot phase.

More information about our ROBONOVA® mobile pilot plant can be found at this link: ROBONOVA®