About us

DND Biotech is an innovative company that aims to develop bio-based technologies, aimed at safeguarding the environment and public health, while also restoring soil fertility. DND Biotech helps its customers evaluate the remediation potential of a contaminated site, designing optimal solutions to effectively implement bioremediation strategies, considering the specific conditions and objectives of the site in question.

DND Biotech proposes the use of biotechnological remediation strategies such as bioaugmentation and mycoremediation, in which autochthonous fungi and bacteria are used for the remediation of environmental pollutants, as a more economically and environmentally sustainable solution, compared to other conventional technologies.

Through the research, development and validation of environmental technologies, the multidisciplinary team of DND Biotech provides engineering and interpretation services of big data related to bioremediation. DND Biotech provides low cost and immediately available proprietary technology for diagnostics, restoration, and prevention of soil degradation (formulations, processes and pilot plants, designing executive projects for large scale interventions).


Cosimo Masini - Zeocel Italia

Cosimo Masini

CEO & Founder

Giulio Giannardi - Zeocel Italia

Francesco Panattoni


Marco Allemandi - Zeocel Italia

Aurora Bellandi


Beatriz Cano - Zeocel Italia

Federica Brogioli


Fabio Filippi - Zeocel Italia

Burak Anadolu

Environmental Engineer

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Erwan Goulian

Sales representative for France


To restore ecosystems and biodiversity, to recover the quality of water and soil, considered as vital resources. To create a future in which production practices will be healthy and sustainable and will recognize the indispensable role of the earth.


To promote the development and marketing of bio-based and zeo-based products and services that protect the environment, agricultural soils, water and public health, ensuring value creation and sustainability.


Customer satisfaction, social responsibility, respect for the environment, results orientation, socio-economic and environmental sustainability, continuous improvement, innovation, cooperation, ethics.