Our Services

Lab and pilot scale biodegradation testing

RoboNova® pilot plant for ex situ soil biodegradation testing

Microbial community analysis by metagenomics and bioinformatics

Prototype scale testing: Biostimulation, Bioaugmentation, Bio-flushing, Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs)

Production and supply of biomass for bioaugmentation

Remediation treatment design and project management

Production and supply of zeolites for adsorption of contaminants in water

Our impact

DND Biotech brings environmental and social benefits

Knowledge of microbial communities in contaminated soil

Organic and inorganic contamination in the soil

Control of biodegradation processes

Post treatment soil fertility

Environmental impact of remediation process copmared to chemical-physical treatments


Biomass Production

During our projects, we have verified that the selection of autochthonous microbial strains (strains selected directly from the polluted matrix) is the most efficient way to obtain microorganisms capable of reducing the concentrations of pollutants in bioremediation practices. DND Biotech can deliver customized microbial population, site-specific, to be used for bioaugmentation purposes.

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At DND Biotech we develop solutions to close the gap between laboratory research and the effective commercialisation of bioremediation techniques that we propose.

By participating in several EU funded projects, we have developped prototypes and case studies for the application of new bio-flushing and bio-inoculum technologies, for the insitu treatment of contaminated soil and ground water. Moreover, thanks to our in depth knowledge of zeolites, we have tested the performance of several types of bioreactive premeable barriers, for the removal of organic and inorganic contaminants present in leachate of contaminated sites and landfills.

Through our studies, we have demonstrated that biodegradation processes, if adequately supported and stimulated, can lead to a reduction of organic contaminants compatible with industrial and residential limits as per  current legislation.

Zeolites for applications in agriculture and industry

DND Biotech, thanks to decades of experience in the study and application of natural zeolites in various context and the important results obtained  in the project ZeoWine ZEOlite and WINEry waste as innovative product for wine production – cofinanced by the European Community and the project RiosCa – RIcalcificazione OSsea in presenza di osteoporosi through capsules

based on clinoptilolite and calcium – financed by the Tuscany Region, develops and distributes with its own brand (ZEOCELITALIA) an innovative line of products with particular focus on agriculture, pet, animal nutrition, water filtration, industry.






DND Biotech è titolare del brevetto italiano “Enhanced technique of remediation of soils contaminated by organic compounds which exploits the capacity of degradation of autochthonous microbial and fungal population”.

Patent number 0001416158 – 2015 may 22


DND Biotech collaborates with universities, research centres and innovative companies